Updates About Get in Touch

Hi there.

I’m Josiah Platt; a product-leading, code-slinging, technical-advising, rock-climbing nerd.

I’ve been involved with various tech-related endeavors since I was a little kid.

I specialize in product strategy & technical consulting, and a potentially unhealthy obsession with human-centered design and UX.

I currently serve as principal at Geniant, co-founder at Pokergeddon, and technical advisor to various start-ups & investors.

Some People You Should Meet

I’ve crossed paths with some amazing people in my short time on this planet. I'm mostly sharing people that have an online presence, so don't feel left out if you didn't make the list. Go build a website or something.

Caleb White

My oldest and best friend. He taught me HTML when I was 12. He’s also my co-founder at Pokergeddon. There isn’t enough space on the web to express what this guy means to me.

Jessica Harker

Jess is my wife. She’s one of the coolest & bravest people I know, and obviously incredibly stupid for shacking up with me. She runs a really cool eBay store called Vintage Viscera. You should check it out.

Charles Williams

Charles has inspired me from the beginning of our friendship. He’s annoyingly good at everything he does, and is among the most kind and hilarious poeple you will ever meet. Check out his latest endeavor on his SoundCloud profile.

Todd Steitle

Todd is hands-down the most talented operations lead I’ve ever worked for. His mentorship and friendship truly changed my life. He's on a short list of people I'll add here without a personal link (at least until he gets some of his wildlife photography online).

Jacob Morse

I met Jake through the startup community in DFW. We connected on many levels and I’ve now had the pleasure of working with him for years. First at a company called Brainspace and now as a business partner.

Some Links You Should Check Out

Various tools and apps I use accross the web.


I designed this site using Figma, and I'm not sure how designers got things done in a pre-figma world. I’m a tool-agnostic designer, but if I have a choice, this is the only tool I need.

Kirby CMS

Kirby CMS is one of my favorite CMS solutions, full stop. Flat-file. Super fast. Easy to use. Fun to build with. What more could you ask for? I built this site from the ground-up using Kirby.


Sweet sweet Github. One of those tools that makes the old way of doing things feel truly insane.


Nova is a Mac-native IDE developed by one of the best software companies in the solar system; Panic. Having a truly native option in a sea of Electron alternatives is a delight. Highly recommend.


This little calculator is just too delightful not to share. Numi a Mac app that represents everything I think modern software should be. Thoughtful, powerful, simple.