Updates About Get in Touch

< I decided to build a new home for personal content.

I've been online since 1996. Since then, I've usually had a place to share personal ideas that wasn't owned by a giant tech company. At some point in the last decade I let it all go... until now.


I've never been someone who is consistently motivated to publish personal content. Having been deeply involved in web technology since the 90s, I've have had countless opportunities to dive head-first into every trend that has come along, but I'm a serial dabbler at heart.

I've had all the web has to offer. From my first foray into the world wide web with a Geocities site about an unreleased Nintendo 64 expansion, the unfortunately named 64DD (I'm not completely sure why I thought I should build a website about it, but I was 12 — I'm assuming it was just top-of-mind at the time), to every social media experience you can imagine, I've been there.

I built a small but thriving community website called Crapromedia (don't ask). I conversed on Shaun Inman's Designologue. I've had blogs on every platform you can think of and then some. I've spent countless nights on philosophical conversations with my friends via AIM, ICQ, Jabber, and even custom chat rooms. I've produced stupid vidoes. I've streamed myself playing games poorly. I've built web-based businesses & SAAS products with my friends, either failing miserably or on occasion successfully exiting before moving on to the next thing. I could go on and on, but the truth is that as soon as I learned about the web, and the incredible original vision of hypertext (thanks Tim), I was hooked.

Through it all, one thing I've always enjoyed coming back to is having a personal site to post assorted stuff on.

I've just been busy, and a personal site has been at the bottom of a very long list of priorities.

With this site, I've changed course. If for some stupid reason you find yourself on my tiny little corner of the web, you can expect various inaninties, thoughts, photos, tips on design & development, videos and who knows, maybe even some mildly offensive photoshop images of my pals.

No more hiding under a rock for me. From here on out, I'm hiding in the obscurity of a small but friendly personal website that will probably be impossible to find.